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Raga Bibhas


📖Yuki Ato Narayan’s “The study of relation between Raga and Ragamala”.
The think about “Indian musical scale and Illustrative Indian paintings of ragas”

🎵14. Raga Bibhas
📖Thaat Bhairav “Group Bhairav”
🎹Aroh S-r-G-P-d-S’
“Ascent scale C-D♭-E-G-A♭-C”
🎹Avaroh S’-d-P-G-r-S
“Descent scale C-A♭-G-E-D♭-C”
🎹Pakad GPd,GP-GrS
“Generally accepted musical phrase
🎹Vadi d “The most prominent note : E”
🎹Samvadi r “The second-most prominent note : A”
🕰Prahar 1 (6am-9am)
“Timing the performance of ragas: 6am-9am”
Bibhas is an early morning melody illustrated by two lovers who have fallen asleep at daybreak.
They are roused from slumber by the irritating crow of a rooster.
In poetry, dawn and the rooster are regarded as the enemies of lovers.
This is a monsoon raga.
Taking aim with my lotus arrow
I seek to silence the cruel bird,
Oh cuckoo!
Enemy of lovers and friend of the dawn,
Rising me from my beloved’s side
loveliness, early dawn, twittering of the birds.
(In Pafichama where D Hat (Ri komal) is short and never accentuated,
the Vadi and Samvadi are F sharp (Ma tivra) and C(Sa),
and the expression is energetic and challenging.)
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