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Raga Bhupali


📖Yuki Ato Narayan’s “The study of relation between Raga and Ragamala”.
The think about “Indian musical scale and Illustrative Indian paintings of ragas”

🎵13. Raga Bhupali
📖Thaat Kalyan
🎹Aroh S-R-G-P-D-S’
“Ascent scale C-D-E-G-A-C”
🎹Avaroh S’-D-P-G-R-S
“Descent scale C-A-G-E-D-C”
“Generally accepted musical phrase
🎹Vadi G “The most prominent note : E”
🎹Samvadi D “The second-most prominent note : A”
🕰Prahar 5 (6pm-9pm)
“Timing the performance of ragas: 6pm-9pm”
The crown decorates the head while kundals (the rings) adorn the ears.
His flute is potent enough to enchant the universe.
His beautiful eyes, arched eyebrows and a garland of flowers around his neck enthrall the heart.
I see Bhupali comfortably seated on a lion’s throne,
his huge family around him.
Young women,
their eyes like those of deer,
fan him with a whisk.
tremendous relief to patients of high blood pressure.
Mohana is present where beauty and love coexist.
It filters out the ill-effects of kama (desire for sex) ,
krodha (anger) and moha (lust), bestowing immense benefits on the listener.
Also said to cures indigestion, and depression.

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