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Raga Bhairava


📖Yuki Ato Narayan’s “The study of relation between Raga and Ragamala”.
The think about “Indian musical scale and Illustrative Indian paintings of ragas”

🎵10. Raga Bhairava
📖Thaat Bhairav “Group Bhairav”
🎹Aroh S-r-G-m-P-d-N-S’
“Ascent scale C-D♭-E-F-G-A♭-B-C”
🎹Avaroh S’-N-d-P-m-G-r-S
“Descent scale C-B-A♭-G-F-E-D♭-C”
🎹Pakad Gmd-dP,mGmr-S
“Generally accepted musical phrase
🎹Vadi d “The most prominent note : A♭”
🎹Samvadi r “The second-most prominent note : D♭”
🕰Prahar 1 (6am-9am)
“Timing the performance of ragas: 6am-9am”
Bhairav has its name from Bhairava, an incarnation of Shiva,
and was historically associated with glory and awe,
but became identified with peace and devotion.
Upholding Ganga, the crescent moon upon his brow,
three-eyed, wrapped in the skin of an elephant and adorned with snakes,
his scarf white, his garland of human skulls,
armed with a burning trident-so triumphs Bhairava, the first of ragas.
Shiva is represented here, in the placid mood of a yogi or ascetic.
His consort smears his body with ashes, saffron and sandal paste.
This is an autumn Raga and should be played early in the morning.
It expresses a feeling of peace and harmony and is supposed to drive away fear.
His limbs smeared with ashes (that lovely body),
his brow lustrous with the cool rays of the moon,
trident in hand and mounted on a bull,
such is Bhairava, and so the sages tell.
Very Auspicious raga, This raga has the power to neutralize toxins in the body.
Practicing it in the early hours of the morning,
in the midst of nature will enhance the strength of the vocal chords.
Soothing for Cancer patients.

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