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Raga Bahar










📖Yuki Ato Narayan’s “The study of relation between Raga and Ragamala”.
The think about “Indian musical scale and Illustrative Indian paintings of ragas”

🎵8. Raga Bahar
📖Thaat Kafi “Group Kafi”
🎹Aroh ‘n-S-m,P-g-m,m-n-D-N-S’
“Ascent scale B♭-C-F,G-E♭-F,F-B♭-A-B-C”
🎹Avaroh S’-n-P-m-P-g-m-R-S
“Descent scale C-B♭-G-F-G-E♭-F-D-C”
🎹Pakad Sm-mPgm-mnDNS’
“Generally accepted musical phrase
🎹Vadi m “The most prominent note : F”
🎹Samvadi S “The second-most prominent note : C”
🕰Prahar 7 (12am-3am)
“Timing the performance of ragas: 12am-3am”
Bahar is a very popular springtime raga.
During the spring, it may be sung at any time of the day.
However during any other season, it is a night time raga.
Bahar has a very distinctive character.
Behavior refers to practical aspects of the music.
It is complicated to talk about this for Hindustani music since many of the concepts
are fluid, changing, or archaic.
The following information cannot be accurate,
but it can attempt to reflect how the music existed.
Bahar is beautiful.
The beauty brought from nature,
And receive blessing from God.
Appropriate, beautifully structured,
Complicated and bold, its temper.
Sing a beautiful and charming love song.
For patients suffering from insomnia
and need a peaceful sonorous sleep.
Useful in the treatment of sleep disorders.

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