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Raga Asavari


📖Yuki Ato Narayan’s “The study of relation between Raga and Ragamala”.
The think about “Indian musical scale and Illustrative Indian paintings of ragas”

🎵3. Raga Asavari
📖Thaat Asavari “Group Asavari”
🎹Aroh S-R-m-P-d-S’
“Ascent scale C-D-F-G-A♭-C”
🎹Avaroh S’-n-d-P-m-g-R-S
“Descent scale C-B♭-A♭-G-F-E♭-D-C”
🎹Pakad RmP-S’,(n)d P, mP-g-RS
“Generally accepted musical phrase
DFG-C,(B♭)A♭G, FG-E♭-DC”
🎹Vadl P “The most prominent note : G”
🎹Samvadi S “The second-most prominent note : C”
🕰Prahar 2 (9am-12pm)
“Timing the performance of ragas: 9am-12pm”
📖 The origins of the Asavari ragini have been traced to the music played by tribal snake charmers who use wind instruments called Beens to mesmerize snakes with their hypnotic music. The literal breakup of the word Asavari is ‘Asi’ or Snake, and ‘Ari’, which means enemy.
This Ragini sings a plaintive, melancholy song of unhappy love.
The girl is awaiting her beloved who has not come. The snakes come to offer her consolation in her mistery. This winter raga’s hour of performance is in the morning.
Winter morning, the deep forest,
she waiting for the beloved lover who has not come, in her deep sorrow.
Snake charmer come, and he blowing the whistle.
Snake attempts to comfort her and dances around her.
Her heart comes fray in wonder when heard the sound of the whistle.
Among the deep forest, she falls asleep and be forgotten the sorrow.
On the summit of the sandalwood mount,
Robed in peacock plumes, ablaze in dark glory.
The serpents dance to the tone of her Bin.
This charming one wears them, as bracelets.
This Raga cures headache and psychological disorders and helps to cure low blood pressure.

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