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Raga Saraswati


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Raga Saraswati is an raaga with the same name in the South Indian
Karnataka classical music tradition and also in the North Indian Hindustaani classical music tradition. sarasvati raaga is a derivative (called ‘janya’ in Sanskrit) raaga, derived from the root raaga (called janaka raaga) vaachaspati. vachaspathi is the 64 meLakarta raaga. There are 72 melakarta raagas in the Indian classical music tradition. melakarta means the origin root raagas literally meaning mela = musical harmony and karta = maker. This is a shaaDava- shaaDava raaga meaning that it has six notes in ascending and also descending order. The actual notes are: Indian notation: Sa, Ri, Ma, Pa Da Ni Sa (note that this raaga does not have the note Ga) Western Notation: C, D, FS, G, A, AS, C (higher octave) in the ascending order and C, AS, A, G, FS, D, C (lower octave) in the descending order. Answer provided by: Dr. KRS Murthy –

◎Raga Saraswati キーワードは音楽、芸術、美

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